Process audit


You currently manage localization projects but you are not entirely satisfied with your solution. Our role is to audit your needs and practices and suggest best working practices to help you improve and streamline your translation budgets. We can also help you solve any quality or delay issue you may encounter.

A four-steps process:

Step 1: Inventory - Identification of your needs - Analysis of your expectations, definition of your priorities - Streamlining of your current project management processes

Step 2: Definition of solutions - Looking for the best solution to answer your needs in terms of quality, turnaround times and costs - Proposal for solutions - Processes documentation

Step 3: Processes set up and contracts - Partner qualification - Request for Proposal and prices negotiations - Price negotiation with your current vendors if needeed - Set up of the new processes and training

Step 4: Implementation - Contracts management - Performance evaluation, with the help of client's contacts, via TQRDC forms (Technology – Quality – Responsiveness – Delivery - Costs), so as to maintain a permanent quality level - Communication and relationship management (clients and partners)