Alphonse Consultants was established in 2005 to answer clients' needs: optimize translation and localization budgets while maintaining a top quality level. We currently cover the following services :

- Translation and localization in more than 30 languages

- Audit and consulting in localization project management processes

- Localization

- Vendor Management

All our consultants are experts in localization project management for international companies. We rely on a huge network of both single and multilingual, reliable and efficient partners, spread all over the world (more than 40 languages covered). All our partners are graduated, native and willing to give their best. This strong network of partners enables us to guarantee high quality, very competitive prices,  and really good turnaround times.


Alphonse Consultants

15, rue Jean-Baptiste Say

69 001 Lyon


Phone: (+33)4 69 67 37 41

Mobile: (+33)6 10 70 03 27